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La soirée internationale au PIFDH

Plus de 140 participants et leurs invités etaient présents à la soirée international du Programme international de formation aux droits humains. (Suite en anglais) By far the most colourful and exciting event at the IHRTP is the International Evening.  A veritable feast of song, dance, food, music and general happiness and excitement, this year’s International Evening did not disappoint.

Ngungua Gisele Sangua, Coordonatrice de l'Action Large des Femmes Avocates en la République Démocratique du Congo a reçu la Bourse au mérite Ruth Selwyn pour l’habilitation des femmes et des fille. On la voit ici en compagnie de Ian Hamilton et de Ruth Selwyn
After a meal representing cuisine from around the world, Ngungua Gisele Sangua, Coordinator of  Action Large des Femmes Avocates in the Democratic Republic of Congo was awarded the Ruth Selwyn Bursary for Achievement in Empowering Women and Girls. This award  is conferred each year on a candidate to attend the IHRTP.  Following a moving acceptance speech and a huge round of applause, the participants and Equitas staff put on a show that would put « America’s Got Talent » to shame.   Human rights educators donned their national dress and rocked the stage with dances and songs from Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa, Haiti, South America, the Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, and Quebec! After the show, the participants continued to dance up a storm until well after midnight….(and some were a little worse for the wear the following morning!). We would love to have you join us next year….. – Ronit Yarosky

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