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Faire avancer les droits des femmes et les droits de la personne au Québec

Cette histoire fait partie de la série Nous sommes le changement en droits humains pour célébrer le 50ième anniversaire d’Equitas (#Equitas50). Tout au long de l’année 2017, découvrez les histoires de 50 défenseur-e-s des droits humains. Ce ne sont là que quelques leaders parmi des centaines qui, avec l’appui d’Equitas, changent des vies à travers le monde par […]

The community strengths approach for promoting women’s engagement

This good practice, developed in collaboration with partners of the Rawabet Initiative in the Middle East and North Africa region, aims to integrate community members and actively involve them from the beginning to the end of the activities. To address the power imbalance, it is important that marginalized people, especially women, actively participate in the […]

Strategies to enhance participation of women and marginalized people

This good practice explores the creation of inclusive conditions for greater participation of women and traditionally marginalized people in human rights education activities. It proposes tangible measures to reduce barriers before, during and after a human rights education activity. Available in French.

ACTIF Funded projects: For Me, For Others

Project partners Egides - Alliance internationale francophone pour l’égalité et les diversités (Canada) FACSDIS - Femmes en action contre la stigmatisation et la discrimination sexuelle (Haiti) CCAP - Chambre camerounaise des acteurs en psychologie (Cameroon). Project description The project "Pour Moi, Pour Les Autres" ("For Me, For Others") aims to improve the mental health and [...]

Funded Projects

The Act Together for Inclusion Fund (ACTIF)’s second cohort of funded projects includes 5 initiatives with 14 partners spanning 12 countries across the globe. It comes as the result of a historic funding commitment from Canada for LGBTQ2I human rights for collaborative projects between Canadian and Southern partners to advance the human rights of LGBTQ2I [...]

YWCA Young Feminists: Breaking Down Stereotypes and Growing the Feminist Movement

  By leading Community Action Projects (CAPs) in their communities all over the country, youth and young adults undertake actions that support respect for human rights.  Youth are given the opportunity to identify pressing issues in their communities and then, with Equitas’ support, launch projects and participatory activities to tackle these issues and contribute to [...]

Burkina Faso

Advancing Equality Through Human Rights Education in Burkina Faso   The ultimate goal of the Advancing Equality project is to increase the empowerment of women and girls to advance gender equality. In Burkina Faso, reaching this goal implies promoting women's inclusion and participation in decision-making processes. The project focuses on strategies to address social norms [...]

Soinette Désir, International Human Rights Training Program Co-Facilitator and Past Participant Advocates for Women and Girls with Disabilities in Haiti

  For over 10 years, Soinette Désir has been working to increase visibility and demand basic human rights for women living with a disability in Haiti through the nonprofit organization l’Union des femmes à mobilité reduite en Haiti (UFMORH) (Union for Women with Reduced Mobility in Haiti).   Her inspiration comes from a place of personal […]