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#RefugeeCrisis – Alaa Murabit : « Women face particular challenges »

As news about the plight of the millions of refugees continues to shock Canadians, one question keeps coming back: what can we do to help in Canada? We hope this series will inform us about the effects of this crisis on refugees and the important role human rights education can play in creating a welcoming environment in Canada for […]

Blowing the whistle on sexual harassment in India – IHRTP alumna works to give power back to women in the community

« Why are you doing this? Why can’t you do something more conventional, something more acceptable by society? » Those are the questions often thrown in the direction of Salini Sharma, a human rights activist in India. Sharma, an Equitas International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) alumna and Engineer by trade, works as a Program and Outreach Officer with […]

“Young Women Young Leaders” Leading the Way in British Columbia

A simple question can sometimes reveal the reality of women and girls’ participation in civic, political and community life: Where do we see young women’s participation in our communities? This is what women’s participation looks like in British Columbia: « Gender equality is still far over the horizon, and the resistance is absolutely stunning. » — Louise […]

Equitas Shares It! A tip sheet on how to engage young women in decision making

Engaging Young Women Young Leaders: Tip Sheet Are you a group coordinator? Are you interested in starting a young women leaders’ group or making your young women’s group more effective? Are you a young women leader wanting to start a program for like-minded women inspired to take action? If you have answered yes to any […]

Aliyah’s* story – Young Women Young Leaders in Montreal

Aliyah immigrated to Montreal a year ago. At the first Young Women Youn Leaders (YWYL) workshop she told the group that she wasn’t interested in participating. “This isn’t my community, I don’t want to be here.” But she came back the following week and she kept coming back. When Aliyah’s group was asked to help […]

The Young Women Young Leaders Forum: stand up for change!

December 4, 2014 Over 120 persons participated to the Young Women, Young Leaders (YWYL) Forum, yesterday, December 3rd. The event was an opportunity to highlight the ways fifty remarkable young women in Montreal have turned action into change and have been transforming their communities. Fifty diverse women from four communities across Montreal are at the core […]

Invitation to the Young Women, Young Leaders Forum

November 26, 2014 Please join us for the Young Women, Young Leaders (YWYL) Forum on December 3rd. During this public event we will be highlighting the ways over 50 remarkable young women in Montreal have turned action into change and have been transforming their communities.  This is your chance to exchange, learn about Action for […]

March 14, 2014: Second Gathering Young Women, Young Leaders

We had our second gathering of Young Women, Young Leaders this week.  The energy in the room was amazing.  We were hosted by our partners in Saint-Michel, La Maison d’Haïti, who ensured the room was filled with warmth, live music, dancing and delicious food.  There were 40 participants present from our 4 partner groups: CJE […]