Human Rights Educators

Thousands of brave people around the world work daily to promote a more just, equitable and peaceful world. They are the heroes of the global human rights movement who struggle against great odds to overcome discrimination, intolerance and violence and build communities that embrace equality, non-discrimination and respect for human dignity.

Since 1967, Equitas’ innovative programs have been equipping frontline human rights defenders and educators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become more effective educators, advocates and monitors. Following participation in Equitas programs, they are better able to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups, hold governments accountable for abuses of human rights and empower their communities to participate more effectively in decision-making processes.

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International Human Rights Training Program

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Strengthening Human Rights Education Globally

Mosharka: Strengthening Regional Youth Networks to Promote Human Rights and Democratic Participation in MENA (2012-2015)

Migrant Workers

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An educator on the island of Borneo in Indonesia working with traditional leaders to integrate human rights principles into community practices.

A village teacher in Southern India helping children recognize the urgency of ending the traditional practice of female infanticide.

An activist in Bahrain imprisoned and abused for criticizing the government.

An activist in Kyrgyzstan struggling for equality rights for the LGBT community.

An activist in Eastern Congo documenting and denouncing sexual violence against women.

An educator in Nairobi helping community radio stations integrate human rights into their programming for the residents of the Kibera informal settlement.

A community organizer in Winnipeg helping children and youth learn the importance of inclusion, respect and peaceful conflict resolution.

A pastor in Haiti educating children in Cité Soleil about their rights and responsibilities.

An educator in Colombia working with the Afro-Colombian community in the struggle for equality.

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