Since the mid 1990s, Equitas has developed and delivered a series of programs around the world to provide specialized training to officials from national human rights institutions (NHRIs) and government officials that focus on raising awareness of human rights principles and values and reinforcing the respect and fulfillment of Governments of their human rights obligations. Programs have addressed a number of themes, including the protection of migrant workers as well as the promotion of economic social and cultural rights.

Whenever possible and appropriate, Equitas strives to create spaces where government officials and representatives of NHRIs can come together with civil society organizations to create a common understanding of the challenges they face and to develop joint strategies. Representatives of government and NHRIs regularly participate in the Global Human Rights Education Program, the International Human Rights Training Program, the Migrant Workers Program and the Middle East and North Africa Program.

National Human Rights Institutions

Equitas has developed a special program aimed at the creation and strengthening of independent and effective NHRIs in conformity with the Paris Principles. The Equitas National Institutions Program involves education and training initiatives designed to strengthen the capacity of these institutions to promote awareness and education on human rights. The focus of Equitas’ engagement with NHRIs has been in building capacity in the areas of human rights education and economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights. Read Equality for Women: A Handbook for NRHIs on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (PDF, 3.3 MB)

Equitas has worked with a number of NHRIs and NGOs in Asia, as well as with international partners such as the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the United Nations Development Program, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the British Council.

Regional Training Programs for NHRIs in the Asia-Pacific

Between 1998 and 2006, Equitas worked with the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines to design and deliver a series of training programs for staff and members of NHRIs and their partner organizations in government and civil society. Four training workshops were delivered in the Philippines with a particular focus on ESC rights.

Towards Social Justice in Nepal: Building the Capacity of the National Human Rights Commission to Protect and Promote Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

This project implemented between 2004 and 2006 included a series of training activities aimed at building the capacity of the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal to protect and promote ESC rights in the country.

Creation of National Human Rights Institutions

Equitas has worked with civil society organizations and coalitions in Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia to promote awareness of the Paris Principles and best practices in the creation of independent and effective NHRIs.

Government Officials in Indonesia

Equitas has been providing training programs to Indonesian Government officials since 2005 in support of the implementation of Indonesia’s National Action Plan for Human Rights.

Directorate General of Human Rights of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MOLAHR)
Equitas worked with MOLAHR to implement the country’s national action plan on human rights (RANHAM). 86 staff and representatives of various government ministries involved in the RANHAM, the academic community and the police were trained. The project developed a core group of trainers strategically located across the country and in the province of Aceh. “The knowledge and skills learned were very useful particularly in our work on post-tsunami land rights and handling the land disputes.” The 2005-2009 program led to the publication of Women’s Rights in Muslim Communities: A Resource Guide for Human Rights Educators, a joint research publication by the Directorate General of Human Rights (DG-HAM) of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MOLAHR) and Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education.

Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA)
Equitas is working with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs to strengthen the knowledge and skills of its trainers in Rights-Based and participatory approaches.

Download the training manuals

Integrating a Rights Based Approach into the Work of MOSA (PDF 308 KB)
February 2009
Bandung, Indonesia
Also available in Bahasa Indonesia (PDF 344 KB)

Human Rights In Social Work: Integrating a Rights-Based Approach into Social Work

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