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Playing it Fair! around the world
Internationally, there has been great interest in Play it Fair! and the program has been piloted with organizations in Haiti, in the Middle East and North Africa and in Indonesia.

The Groupe d’appui aux rapatriés et aux réfugiés, one of our major partners in Haiti started using the toolkit in camps for persons displaced by the earthquake when they saw that there was a need to provide enriching activities for children. One of the changes they saw was that the older children, who previously had used their size to get ahead in line to receive food, began to ensure that the younger children received their meals first. They were not asked to take care of the younger ones; they decided to do it themselves following group discussions stimulated by the toolkit. The YMCA in Haiti has also hired one of our partners to provide training on the toolkit and children’s rights to its youth teams in five locations.

In early September 2011, the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada and UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti requested to see Play it Fair! in action. Two partner organizations who use the toolkit with children from very poor and often very violent areas of Port-au-Prince assembled approximately 60 youth who demonstrated activities from the toolkit and shared with Mme Jean what the program meant to their personal development and participation in the community. She was greatly impressed by the approach and the accent put on local community involvement and problem solving. 

Middle East and North Africa
Equitas is working with the Arab Network for Human Rights and Citizenship Education and the Change Academy for Democratic Studies and Development and other organizations in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq to promote human rights, non-discrimination and peaceful conflict resolution among children living in harsh, vulnerable and marginalized conditions. The toolkit was translated into Arabic by Amnesty International in Jordan and eighteen human rights educators were trained in the use of the toolkit. They in turn are training youth workers in their respective countries.

Download the Arabic Play it Fair! toolkit

The Play It Fair! toolkit has been introduced to partners in Indonesia and piloted with very good results.  In collaboration with the Center for Pesantren and Democracy Studies, teachers from eight pesantrens (religious boarding schools) were trained in its use. The toolkit has been translated and revised to include local games and reflect the realities of the region.

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