Support for monitoring and evaluation during project implementation (PIP) phase for “Achieving equality through human rights education” project



The purpose of this consultancy is to support the design of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for a five-year, multi-country project entitled “Achieving equality through human rights education” that Equitas is launching. At this initial phase of the project, a monitoring and evaluation plan must be developed, a baseline study conducted, and the logic model (LM) and performance measurement framework (PMF) must be revised and/or completed, as these form a key part of the detailed project implementation plan (PIP) that must be submitted in 2019.

The external consultant will contribute to ensuring that the monitoring and evaluation framework of the Achieving Equality project is comprehensive, coherent, and systematic in order to meet the evaluation needs of the project, and will ensure that appropriate plans and processes are in place for the monitoring and evaluation framework to function effectively in all five countries, as well as for the global activities.


Project summary

The Project will contribute to increased empowerment of women and girls, by providing them with the knowledge, skills and effective tools to take leadership and advance gender equality in their communities. The project contributes to the empowerment of women and girls by focusing on:

  1. Increased leadership of women in community mobilization activities that advance gender equality;
  2. Enhanced collaboration among women’s organizations and human rights’ groups to advance human rights in their countries; and
  3. Increased opportunities for women’s organizations to influence duty bearers in fulfilling better their human rights obligations related to gender equality.

Underpinning each of these three levels of results is a strong focus on building the capacity of women’s organizations and human rights organizations to apply gender-based analysis (GBA), a human rights-based approach (HRBA) and an intersectional lens to address barriers to participation empowers rights holders and engage duty bearers in meeting obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of women.

Project activities will be delivered in five target countries: Senegal, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Kenya and Haiti, where Equitas has established partnerships and experience in working to address human rights and gender equality issues. These national-level actions in target countries will be complemented with regional capacity-building initiatives in East and West Africa and reinforced by an annual International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) in which human rights educators/defenders from approximately 50 countries will participate each year. Equitas will also document and disseminate good practices on advancing human rights and gender equality to inform the work of partners and other actors in the field in Canada and internationally.


Scope and responsibilities of consultancy

The external consultant will lead the work on developing the monitoring and evaluation framework for the Achieving Equality project. Given the limited resources available, several tasks will be undertaken by Equitas under the guidance of the consultant. The consultant will build on the work done on the LM and PMF to date as well as on a number of tools and methodologies developed by Equitas to date.

Working closely with the Equitas team, and in particular the Director of Education, the Director of Programs, the Program Management Officer and the Gender Advisor, the consultant will:

  • Review the coherence of the existing LM and propose any relevant modifications in line with work on the PMF;
  • Provide guidance on the development of the PMF for the Achieving Equality project, and in particular guidance on the development of appropriate indicators;
  • Lead the development of the overall monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Design the overall baseline data gathering methodology in coordination with Equitas team;
  • Provide guidance on evaluation tools and processes to use for baseline data gathering (including revision of existing tools and recommendations on new ones needed), and subsequently review tools and processes developed by the Equitas team
  • Develop guidelines for any additional evaluation tools and processes that need to be developed during the life of the project
  • After baseline data collection, assist project teams in the analysis and presentation of baseline data collected.

Note: the monitoring and evaluation framework developed will take into consideration lessons learned and recommendations from the final evaluation of the previous Global Affairs Canada funded project (which in many ways is a pre-cursor to the current Achieving Equality project).



The consultant will prepare a work plan, in consultation with Equitas. The work plan will describe how the work is to be carried out, bringing refinements, specificity and elaboration to these terms of reference. It will act as an agreement between the parties as to how the work will be conducted.

The work plan may include the following elements:

  • Expectations
  • Deliverables
  • Work scheduling/timeline
  • Detailed roles and responsibilities


Expected deliverables

The consultant will prepare:

  • Draft PMF (without targets per country – this will be done by project teams);
  • Draft monitoring and evaluation plan for inclusion in the PIP;
  • Terms of reference for the overall baseline study (methodology, tools…)
  • Guidelines for data collection tools and processes to be followed regularly over course of project (including of the baseline and endline exercises);

All written outputs of the consultancy will be delivered in English. The consultant will follow the format, structure and length defined by Equitas. The quality of the outputs will be assessed by the Equitas Director of Education.


Duration and location

The consultancy is expected to be conducted between May 2019 and July 2019, with a potential 2 working days to be done between mid-October and mid-November 2019. Total number of working days for the mandate is expected to be between 10 and 15 days

The assignment will be partially based in Equitas’ Montreal office and partially home-based. The consultant will supply all necessary equipment required (ex: computer, phone).


Management arrangements

Although the consultant will work with various members of the Equitas team, they will report to the Program Management Officer (PMO).


Qualifications of the consultant

The consultant should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

  • Significant experience in coordination, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects;
  • Understanding and/or proven experience of Global Affairs Canada monitoring and evaluation expectations and requirements and results-based management (RBM);
  • Significant experience in the develop of measurement frameworks for multi-country projects;
  • Expertise in evaluation methodology, data collection and analysis;
  • Experience in conducting project/program evaluations in multiple countries;
  • Experience in gender and age sensitive monitoring and evaluation;
  • Experience in gender-based analysis (GBA);
  • Ability to manage the available time and resources and to work to tight deadlines;
  • Independence from the parties involved;
  • Ability to communicate orally, and read and understand documents, in both of Canada’s official languages (English and French); and excellent writing skills in English;
  • Ability to write clear and useful reports (may be required to produce examples of previous work) in English;
  • Familiarity with international development issues and the work of development institutions;
  • Experience of human rights education and training and a human rights-based approach is a valuable asset.


Selection of the consultant will be done based on the strength of the qualifications provided by potential candidates through their expressions of interest for the assignment. Interested candidates should include in the expression of interest:

  • An updated CV (please ensure to include name, address, email and phone details);
  • A detailed presentation of their background and experience, highlighting experience relevant to this assignment;
  • Total price of the offer (in CA$);
  • One example of previous work relevant to this mandate;
  • One reference;
  • Validity of the quotation (minimum one month).


The deadline to submit expressions of interest for the consultancy is by 11pm EDT May 15th, 2019. Applicants should submit a complete expression of interest via e-mail to Katie Corker, Programs Management Officer at rhequitas@equitas.org and indicate: M&E Consultancy Application in the e-mail’s subject line. Equitas thanks all applicants for their interest. However, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.


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